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Global Health Equity Foundation provides innovative solutions for improving equity via knowledge building and sharing via academic and community engagement. From its beginnings more than a decade ago, GHEF’s goal has been to become a primary source for knowledge on health equity. In pursuit of these aims, we present our symposia papers and the insights of panels of experts. We do this gratis, for the benefit of any organization or individual who would like to take a proactive stance in improving health equity worldwide.


Collection, measurement, analysis, and presentation of quantitative data.


Raising awareness of health inequities and of the right to impartiality in treatment.

Capacity Building

Improving local conditions for a given population.


Our Mission is To:

• Make tangible improvements toward global health equity
• Identify and explore opportunities and challenges within communities
• Acknowledge and inform public and private opinion about the right to health
• Enrich sustainable, practical knowledge for health equity


Global Health Equity Foundation

Support the transformative film workshop “Shadows” by donating to the Global Health Equity Foundation. Your contribution expands screenings, healing workshops, and educational resources, making a meaningful difference in trauma-affected communities. Your impact is felt through the power of “Shadows” to transform lives and create a more compassionate world

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