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Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF) is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to research, advocacy, and capacity building. The Foundation’s integrated approach raises awareness about inequities in health and provides practical guidelines for making tangible improvements in global health equity. GHEF is a primary resource for organisations building and sharing knowledge that reduces gradients and gaps in health equity.


Make tangible improvements in global health equity. Explore opportunities and challenges for enhancing health equity within communities. Inform the public about the right to health. Support sustainable and equitable healthcare. Promote practical and tested knowledge to improve health for all.


Global Health Equity Foundation

Support the transformative film workshop “Shadows” by donating to the Global Health Equity Foundation. Your contribution expands screenings, healing workshops, and educational resources, making a meaningful difference in trauma-affected communities. Your impact is felt through the power of “Shadows” to transform lives and create a more compassionate world

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