Advisory Board Meeting and Follow-up for Previous Consensus Building Forums

September 9, 2011 


To watch video footage of this forum please click here

This forum was a follow up to June 2, 2011 Forum. Progress reports from three work groups were presented and next steps discussed included.

  • Progress update/communication to March/June forum attendees
  • Thoughts on suicide video preview (maybe January)
  • Thoughts on March 1 Consensus Building Forum (topic selection, agenda, focus)

Knowledge Management Projects for Focus

Three focus areas for the advisory board to pursue in Phase I (with further priorities and action steps planned for future phases):
1) Healthcare Directory (Healthcare Information)

  • Create, execute, and maintain complete, online health services directory for eastern Montana to serve as a resource of the services, solutions, and resources available to patients and their families
  • Create electronic data template to collect consistent and complete information
  • Engage all providers/facilities/organizations of health care services and resources in eastern Montana to provide & update accurate information
  • Make eastern Montana residents (and their families elsewhere) aware and develop strong utilization of the online directory
  • Reaching out to Montana DPHHS; state contact: Jon Ebelt; engage DPHHS to collaborate/lead this project
  • Core team: Chris Hopkins, Nancy Rosaaen, Jackie Muri, and Heather Schmidt as a tech consultant

2) Technology — Access Health & Social Networking (Technology Utilization)

  • Develop plan to reach youth using social media and modern technology as a means to educate, build awareness, call to action, and influence behaviors
  • In Phase I, the scope is very targeted to the youth and social media, specifically; in future phases, this will be expanded to other groups and using other technology channels
  • Core team: Paul Cook, Kent Doughty (GHEF), and Lindsey Faber (Custer County Public Health).

3) Community Based Media Project: Suicide Prevention (Multimedia Production)

  • In Phase I, group will focus on suicide prevention
  • Utilize multi-media beginning with video focused on education, awareness, and featured families impacted by suicide in eastern Montana; disseminate creatively (including website, YouTube, MidRivers cable channel)
  • Utilize multimedia to create suicide awareness video featuring eastern Montana people
  • Suicide Prevention Forums will be held on a monthly basis to shed light on the topic, raise awareness and integration of resources
  • Engage local mental health professionals to assist with project development and execution; their knowledge & experience is crucial
  • Core team: Lise Swenson (GHEF), Wendy Richards, Heather Schmidt, and Molly Wendland (GHEF)
  • Organize local suicide prevention efforts including coordinating an Out of the Darkness awareness walkJackie Muri, CGPA, MSL
    Director, Bus. Development, Strategy & Foundation
    Holy Rosary Healthcare
    (406) 233-4043


Photo of Dr. Paul Cook


We are looking forward to leveraging health-information technology. The Semantic Web project gives us a whole different way to conceptualize and to search for knowledge. We are setting up a pilot program using the City Health Department in Miles City. Among other issues, it will cover questions related to sexuality, adolescence, aging, and access to care. One of our community members who is a nurse is working to develop a social networking overlay for the semantic web technology.

—Paul Cook, MD, MHA, CPE, SCLA; CEO, Rocky Mountain Health Network



Photo of Jackie Muri



For a physician to take the kind of leadership role Dr. Alhafez has taken is unusual. He brought the idea of a consensus-building forum to us. The forum brings together community, healthcare, and business leaders to collaborate on setting priorities and identifying solutions. Dr. Alhafez’s leadership and perspective as a physician are highly valued. He has taken this project to a different level.

— Jackie Muri, Director Business Development, Strategy & Foundation, Holy Rosary Healthcare