Istanbul Consensus Building Forum,

“Syrian International Coalition for Health”

July 2-3, 2012 • Istanbul, Turkey

A Consensus Building Forum was held during the 12th Annual meeting of the Syrian American Medical Association in Istanbul with the purpose of sharing what has been done to bridge healthcare gaps in Syria, update forum participants on the current crisis, develop plans for comprehensive reform and establish the Syrian International Coalition for Health.
Representatives of six different Syrian Medical Societies, including the Syrian American Medical Society, Syrian American Medical Association, Syrian British Medical Society, Syrian American Dental Association, Middle East Critical Care Assembly and Syrian Expatriate Medical Society participated in the meeting in addition to representatives from Global Health Equity Foundation, the host of the coalition.
There was a core constituency meeting on July 2, 2012 during which a brief presentation was given by Dr. Mazen Kherallah on the current crisis as well as the mission and objectives of the coalition. This was followed by discussion among the different organization representatives in regards to the functions of the coalition, collaboration among different organizations and proposed future plans and projects. A Statement of Agreement establishing the organizations’ support while affirming lack of political or economic motivation, was handed to the delegates to be discussed in their Board meeting before being signed and returned.
The main presentation was on July 3, 2012 to the conference attendees along with delegates of the participating organizations. Dr. Mazen Kherallah discussed different health indicators in Syria before the crisis, followed by Dr. Tayeb Alhafez’s presentation giving a background on Global Health Equity Foundation and its strategy and discussing in detail the mission, objectives, structure, approaches and challenges of the Syrian International Coalition for Health. Three agreements were signed by the end of the meeting and the coalition was formed!


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