Brother-sister duo Leland and Lynna Howard celebrate Montana’s prairie region with their new book, Eastern Montana. The book underscores the beauty of this unsung landscape with striking images, poetry, and creative descriptions.

Eastern Montana combines the talents of Leland, an award-winning nature photographer (, and Lynna, an accomplished writer (, and it is the latest of several collaborations. Work on the book took three years, and photographer Leland Howard logged over 10,000 miles in order to photograph the high, wide expanses of the eastern half of the state.

In true Eastern Montanan fashion, Leland’s work will benefit others. Proceeds from the book will support the Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF), a non-profit organization that seeks to improve access to healthcare in underserved communities.

Color photographs of the mountains, rivers, and prairies that define life on the northern plains, along with a map pointing to the photographs’ locations, make this an armchair road trip worthy of coffee tables in Eastern Montana and beyond.

Eastern Montana (ISBN 13: 978-1-59152-137-8, $24.95, Al’Myra Communications, 2014) is available at local bookstores and gift shops, from Farcountry Press at 800.821.3874, and from Al’Myra’s online store by clicking here.

This talented brother-sister team offers the reader a proverbial doorway into another world. The photography brought me nearly to tears. That’s talent.


— Izanda Puncule, B.Sc., Latvia


Leland and Lynna Howard have teamed-up to create another evocative book, this time, a died-and-gone-to-heaven picture of Eastern Montana, gently laying before us the extraordinary beauty of the Intermountain West.


—Earline Mason Reid, U. S. Foreign Service (Ret.)


This book brings together photographs of an almost hallucinatory richness with contemplative text to show the unexpected beauty and character of Eastern Montana. The people of Eastern Montana are a real presence in this book. Those who know Montana well will enjoy the book as an affirmation of life there, and those who don’t will dream about seeing it for themselves.


—Krystl Hall, New York City


Rugged beauty and thoughtful analysis of the people and places that make up Eastern Montana combine to make this book well worth reading. It’s a lot more than just its spectacular photos. Even old-time Montana lovers will come away infused with a deep new appreciation of its way of life.


—Kitty Delorey Fleischman, Publisher/Editor, IDAHO magazine