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SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 29, 2015. Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF), in association with AlMyra Communications, is seeking support for “My Home, My Mission,” a new program created to help youth in grades 9-12 deal with growing problems of displacement and psychological trauma related to the surge of evictions in the San Francisco Area. My Home, My Mission provides a safe space where weekly sessions will be held that help students release displacement tensions through the creation of art. The concept is designed to assist participants in liberating themselves from stagnant realities that could potentially develop into long-term health and psychological problems.

GHEF seeks to build on the three-year experience of success with its community based media project in Montana, the state with the highest rate of youth suicide in the nation. That project, called, “Let’s Talk,” has increased young people’s self-efficacy in seeking out depression and suicide prevention resources, and in communicating inter-personally about suicide and depression with peers, family members and mentors.

My Home, My Mission will explore the personal experience of displacement and dislocations in the context of the space of the home – what a home is, where may it be found, and how home and the notion of belonging or not belonging may be articulated. This program will be conducted in a safe space that allows participants to talk freely about these feelings and thoughts, and seeks to provide psychological transformation through meditation, writing and art. It will also serve as a foundation for comment on the housing crisis within San Francisco, which also aids the community at large.

Nathalie Brilliant, a recent MFA graduate with a focus in New Genres, and a practicing Bay Area artist and curator, will be guiding the sessions with students. The beginning of each session will commence with a five-minute guided meditation, allowing students to be fully present in their bodies and minds, ready to engage with these ideas of eviction, displacement and belonging. Free-verse writing in notebooks (provided) will follow. The space will then open up into a discussion, followed by one-on-one guidance with students to visualize their words and experiences into a tangible art piece or form. These sessions will culminate in a final performance piece that will be screened or performed in schools and a gallery space.

On October 29, 2015, a meeting will be held at InSpace, where Nathalie Brilliant will lead a guided PowerPoint presenting the program, relationships she has already formed with interested students, and opening the space up for discussion.

GHEF is currently seeking sponsors for this innovative and promising program. Initial funds will go toward art supplies and workshops as GHEF will submit for local and federal grants. You may support this project by donating via our Contribute page, or contact Nathalie. Please join us Thursday for this lively discussion and presentation.

When: October 29, 7 – 9 PM.
Where: inSpace Curatorial, Pacific Felt Factory, 2830 St. San Francisco, CA 94110

Nathalie Brilliant received her MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute and a BA in psychology from Wesleyan University. Nathalie works in various mediums such as painting, installation, photography, video, sound and performance art dependent on concept. She primarily focuses through a performance art lens, and is most interested in the notion of presence in context with site-specificity. She has considered her performance art pieces, “living things,” to postulate the body as an art form, in relation to sculpture or a painting, and utilize the body to create sculptural body pieces that live for durations in varying spaces exploring stillness within the body and mind. She is also interested in alternative forms of curatorial work and teaching. She has done performances at Kadist Art Foundation, Southern Exposure, YBCA, Adobe Backroom gallery, and a video was accepted and presented as part of the Berkeley Student Film Festival. Nathalie currently lives and works in San Francisco.

Tayeb Al-Hafez. MD, FACP is the Founder and President of Global Health Equity Foundation and is the innovator of the ‘Community Based Media Project.” He is relocating to San Francisco after he has lived in Eastern Montana for 5 years developing the CBMP and leads “Let’s Talk” campaign for suicide prevention with Professor Sarah Keller at Montana State University in Billings, Mont. He practices internal medicine, hospice and palliative care and is a strong believer in deploying Tele-Home Medicine to control cost and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.