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Miles City, MT – A Consensus Building Forum titled Priorities in Healthcare Delivery in Eastern Montana took place on March 3, 2011.

Global Health Equity Foundation, in collaboration with Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation and Montana Health Network, conducted its first live Consensus Building Forum at the Miles City Town and Country Club.

“Consensus Building Forum: Priorities in Healthcare Delivery in Eastern Montana” brought together healthcare providers, healthcare experts and community leaders from many parts of Eastern Montana. Participants broke up into five discussion groups, each focused on a major issue for healthcare delivery in the region. The discussion topics were: Chronic Diseases, Mental Illness & Behavioral Health, Access to Health Education, Healthcare & Preventive Services, Health Management of the Aging Population, and Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers. Each group dedicated their time to an investigation of their topic, then proceeded to explore practical – and immediate – solutions to these issues. Each group was moderated by a Group Facilitator who led the discussion and presented a summary at the end of the Forum.

The results of the Consensus Building Forum will be formally presented in a single Declaration of Consensus, along with a summary of the discussions, on March 4 during the Eastern Montana Rural Health Care Conference. The goal of the Forum is to take the proposed solutions to healthcare organizations and community organizations in Eastern Montana and integrate them into current models of healthcare delivery and education.

The Consensus Building Forum is a live, interactive, collaborative model for the purpose of sharing knowledge and producing potential solutions that can improve equitable access to healthcare – especially to treatment, education, and preventive services.

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