SAN FRANCISCO. Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF) is seeking support for a new program created to help youth in grades 9 through 12 deal with growing problems of displacement and psychological trauma related to the surge of evictions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Called, “My Home, My Mission,” the program provides a safe space in weekly sessions where students may release displacement tensions through self-expression and creation of art. The concept is designed to assist participants in liberating themselves from stagnant realities that could potentially develop into long-term health and psychological problems.

GHEF is assembling an advisory panel, collaborating with a multidisciplinary advisory panel of people who hold key positions in local government, the Mission community, psychiatry and adolescent behavioral health. The My Home, My Mission advisory panel also includes several individuals with broad experience in writing, digital art, arts education, public art, installation and performance art, and multimedia. Other participants may represent dance, movement, yoga, and museum specialties (including public curation and philanthropic leadership).

My Home, My Mission builds on GHEF’s five-year experience of success with its community-based media project Let’s Talk in Montana, the state with the highest rate of youth suicide in the nation. Let’s Talk has increased young people’s self-efficacy in seeking out depression and suicide prevention resources, and in communicating about suicide and depression with peers, family members and mentors.

GHEF seeks to raise initial funding of $26,600 to initiate a pilot of the program in the spring semester of 2016. Our immediate need is to identify a highly qualified coordinator who can work with existing organizations. GHEF is committed to integrating our efforts into existing grassroots efforts in order to inform and advocate for more equitable public policy. We seek your help in launching My Home, My Mission, which will work immediately and directly with adolescents who are at high risk of mental and emotional distress from the effects of eviction, displacement and homelessness.

Individuals can donate to this worthy cause by visiting our web site at Under “Purpose” please write “My Home My Mission.”