Let’s Talk Youth Suicide – Prevention Program is Saving Lives in Montana


Your Donation Can Help “Let’s Talk” Grow

For each $100 you donate you will receive a copy of the book, Eastern Montana

The innovative suicide-prevention program, “Let’s Talk,” launched in Miles City and then expanded to Billings, is now gaining national traction. Using multimedia tools and collaborative forums, “Let’s Talk” educates and empowers youth in media workshops, in which they create art, stories and performances that generate widespread conversation about depression and suicide.

The program has…

taught teens warning signs of depression and suicide

provided outlets for teens to help with their depression

created an environment where they can talk openly about these issues

decreased the suicide rate in Miles City

“We are at the birthplace. When Let’s Talk is embraced nationally, we can say it all started here. That would be quite an accomplishment in itself.”

Scott Rapson, Counselor, Custer County District High School, Miles City

Global Health Equity Foundation – which advocates on behalf of people who lack access to health education preventative services and health care – has created a beautiful way for you to give to this worthy cause. We commissioned acclaimed Photographer Leland Howard to create a stunning new book, titled, “Eastern Montana”, Co-authored with his sister Lynna Howard, Eastern Montana presents the spectacle of this unsung part of America’s Wild West, accenting the beauty of its rolling prairies, roaring rivers, limitless vistas and Western culture combined with beautiful and insightful writing.

For your donation of $100 you will receive a copy of Eastern Montana.

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