Syrian International Coalition for Health A Consensus Building Forum

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Istanbul, Turkey


Since the start of the internal conflict in Syria, the United Nations reports that the number of displaced persons, both internally and externally, is as high as 230,000. Prompt, coordinated efforts and proactive solutions for these displaced people are necessary in order to mitigate negative outcomes. In the post-crisis phase, there will be an urgent need for a development process designed to examine and assess the health situation in the country. Using a holistic approach, one that encompasses the health sector, socioeconomic status, the determinants of health, and upstream national policies, the Syrian International Coalitiion for Health (SICH) will prepare for and assist in implementing comprehensive healthcare reform.

Host: Global health Equity Foundation

No matter what the political affiliations of participants in this coalition, those affiliations will not be paramount in planning or in execution of the coalition’s goals. All members of the coalition eschew political motivation.

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