Let’s Talk is an ongoing community-based media project, and an example of Global Health Equity Foundation’s (GHEF) capacity-building efforts targeted toward a regional health equity challenge. Montana has the highest suicide rate in the nation and has ranked in the top five for more than 30 years. Montana’s youth suicide rate is more than twice the national rate, with suicide resonating as the top cause of preventable death for Montana children ages 10 to 14.
GHEF’s Let’s Talk project combines multimedia technology, art and community resources to disrupt the cycle of depression and suicide. Let’s talk started in Miles City in 2011 and was expanded later to Billings. Knowledge and information gained from these successful programs is now being used to create a multimedia training module to expand the program to other areas of the state and the world where suicide prevention and awareness are needed. See more


Shadows is a silent short film adapted from the play Ghosts by Stefan Herrmann, with an original music score by Luciano Chessa. The film presents the story of a young couple displaced by war. A difficult journey leads them to a new home, where they are haunted by the trauma and terror of war and displacement.
The film is an educational tool that raises awareness about the trajectory of trauma if it is not properly addressed. English Playbill PDF /German Playbill PDF Seeking donors and sponsors to expand projects that will help thousands of people with trauma, regardless of its cause. Please donate to help fund our workshop pilot program. Shadows educational tools are part of a curriculum that addresses trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


Drei Zusammen (DZ) = THREE TOGETHER Drei Zusammen is a multimedia-based qualitative research program. DZ exchanges views about everyday psychosocial topics that arise between native Germans and Arabic-speaking new residents of Germany. The Drei Zusammen pilot project for connecting cultures is a template that is designed to be easy to adapt to different contexts, and various migrant and host populations. The program’s goal is to create mutual understanding and to find common ground by sparking discussions between young people with different cultural backgrounds. Observations and findings from DZ are shared with Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF)’s research and capacity-building partners. DZ connects disparate cultures and combats prejudice. People are encouraged to speak out about their experiences. DZ explores ways to make immigrants coming to a new country feel less alien, more understood and welcome. DZ also builds empathy and personal/social connections with host people. DZ is part of the project Health Diplomacy for Arabic Speaking Refugees and Migrants led by GHEF. It was conceived in response to war-related Syrian displacement and migration. Internationally, Germany has taken in most of the Arabic-speaking refugees, and the majority of them are of Syrian origin. Therefore, Germany provides a fertile ground for research, analysis and innovation. English Booklet German Booklet

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GHEF is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization in the USA, and a foundation according to Swiss law. GHEF is dedicated to research, advocacy, and capacity building. GHEF believes equity in health is a core principle for the advancement of human society.