Welcome to the 2015 issue of Annals of Global Health Equity Foundation. In keeping with our mission to advocate on behalf of all people who lack access to health education, preventive services and health care, Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF) is proud to present this second issue in a series of compilations from our annual symposia.

In Geneva in 2014, we addressed a pressing global crisis in health equity with our third international symposium titled, “Gender Discrimination and its Impact on Health Equity,” generously hosted by the Geneva School of Diplomacy. This symposium featured our expert faculty presenting problems, research and solutions in gender inequality and violence against women. The topics presented in 2014 explored a wide range of issues, including:

  • effects of gender inequality on health
  • economic costs of violence against women and girls
  • commodification of health and how it affects women’s health rights
  • gender equity and the HIV pandemic
  • how cultural and religious practices aimed at ensuring a woman’s virginity affect gender inequality
  • lessons learned from mental health programs in England on gender mainstreaming

In this issue, we also include an article from One Heart Worldwide that highlights examples of how men have been motivated to ensure health equity for women in childbirth in Nepal. Click here for the full report.