Welcome to the 2016-2017 issue of Annals of Global Health Equity Foundation. In keeping with our mission to advocate on behalf of all people who lack access to health education, preventive services and health care, Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF) is proud to present this latest issue in a series of compilations from our annual symposia.

In Geneva in April 2016, within the framework of the Geneva Health Forum we presented our Symposium titled “Enhancing Equity in Health through Social Innovation.” The symposium covered a broad range of topics that have been further
elaborated at the two-day Workshop on Health Equity of Syrian Refugees in July 2016 in Dresden. These included:

  • Innovation and equity in health
  • Innovative solutions for greater equity in health that have come from previous GHEF symposia
  • Let’s Talk, a theatre intervention to promote communication among youth about depression and suicide
  • Opportunities and challenges in digital health for reducing health disparities
  • Health diplomacy efforts for Syrian refugees and migrants in Germany
  • Epidemiological aspects of mental illness among migrants and refugees
  • Individual and collective aspects of psychological well-being and trauma in refugee migration
  • Health equity of Syrian refugees in Germany – translating research into policies and benefits

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