Following the success of 2012’s symposium, GHEF organized a second symposium in Geneva in 2013 titled, “Chronic Diseases and the Equity Challenge.” Held in the historical John Knox Centre, this symposium offered an opportunity for presenters to define the growing threat of chronic and non-communicable diseases, and offer tools and approaches for the future. The ensuing lively debate of participants highlighted the significance of holistic thinking and cross-discipline approaches.

Committed individuals, governments and non-governmental organizations are innovating and working toward equitable access to health. Our commitment at GHEF is to demonstrate measurable impacts in health equity and to exemplify our integrative strategies. In the United States, for example, GHEF has been researching the high suicide incidence in Montana, and has demonstrated the viability of community-based media projects in advocacy and capacity building. The foundation has worked to enrich practical knowledge there and helped build local capacities to combat depression and halt suicide.

We present you with the first GHEF publication, the 2014 Annals of Global Health Equity Foundation, which is a compilation of presenters’ papers from our symposia from 2012 and 2013. Click here for the full publication in PDF form.