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Global Health Equity Foundation Opens its New Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, SWITZERLAND—Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF) opened its international headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2012. Dr. Tayeb Al-Hafez, the Founder and President of GHEF in the USA, is proud to share with you details of the launch and a summary of the Foundation’s progress.

GHEF held its first high-level symposium, Global Health Equity in Times of Crisis, on October 31, 2012, followed by a launch party in Geneva.

The Global Health Equity in Times of Crisis symposium proved a great success. Senior researchers and professionals from academia and international organizations presented, sharing their analysis of the effects of global crises on health equity. The presentations tackled everything from climate change to food security, including a study of health inequity across southern and eastern Africa; best practices from a community-based suicide prevention program in the USA; and case studies of healthcare reform from post-conflict environments. Presentations were followed by a vibrant discussion that demonstrated the multi-disciplinary nature of health equity. Dr. Al-Hafez said that he was, “pleased with the high-level of discussion and the ideas generated during the symposium.” The symposium concluded with presenters offering to print their findings in a booklet to be published and disseminated by GHEF.

Following the symposium, presenters, discussants and distinguished guests from international organizations, national governments, international non-governmental organizations, and major pharmaceutical and food companies celebrated GHEF’s launch with cocktails, live music, and an art exhibit at the Louis Jeantet Villa in Geneva. Dr. Al-Hafez introduced GHEF-Geneva and two of its biggest projects: First, the Equity Gap Analysis project, through which GHEF pioneers new methods for analyzing and addressing health equity gaps. Second, the Syrian International Coalition for Health, a non-political coalition through which GHEF aims to strengthen health-related ministries and organizations in Syria.

For 2013, GHEF is proud to announce that Dr. Eduardo Missoni is the new GHEF Secretary General. Dr. Missoni comes to GHEF with extensive experience as a medical professional, advisor to the Italian government, professor, liaison officer for the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization, and representative of Italy to such international negotiations as the G8 health group.

“We are delighted to have such a distinguished and talented professional join our leadership team,” said Dr. Al-Hafez. “Dr. Missoni was chosen for his expert knowledge of health equity and his dedication to the field of global health. He will bring an innovative approach to integrating the global health equity process.”

Moving forward, GHEF is committed to harnessing the unique expertise of its executive staff, advisory board, and valued partners to drive discussion and action for health equity.

Global Health Equity Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to health equity. Health equity is defined as impartiality in treatment and equality in an individual’s access to healthcare, health education, and medical prevention services. For more information on Global Health Equity Foundation or any of its projects, please visit