Looking to the future, GHEF plans to present its fourth symposium, titled, “Innovation and Equity in Health,” which will explore challenges related to the inequitable distribution of scientific, clinical and technological innovation in health.

In the health care field, innovation has traditionally been seen as invention and development of new technologies such as diagnostics, therapies, drugs, vaccines, or medical devices. Unfortunately, technological innovation brings little benefit unless it is intimately linked to social innovations. These include health system design and operation; product and service delivery; management of people and information; and embracing environmental, economic, political, cultural and social contexts that influence the broader determinants of health.

Our Innovation Symposium will present selected social innovations that emerged from three previous GHEF symposia and experience of applying them in various contexts, as well as those related to innovative technology solutions, including eHealth and communication technologies. We will also discuss enabling and constraining factors for the application of technology solutions to improve access to health care for poor and marginalized populations.
The Innovation Symposium will address relationships between innovation and equity in health:

  • in what circumstances can innovation be effectively absorbed by health systems to create more equal access to health care
  • how do different health systems promote and diffuse innovation
  • is the quest for quality improvement linked with elimination of inequities
  • what are the most effective approaches to increasing science, technology and innovation capabilities in low- and middle-income countries
  • what are the most effective approaches to deliver improved access to services, and to lower inequity through application of innovation developed locally
  • what approaches are effective in implementing innovative technology from outside the local or regional area

We would like to extend an invitation for you or your organization to support our “Innovation and Health Equity” Symposium. Your donation will help bring international expert faculty to Geneva to discuss challenges, and to develop capacity-building projects for nurturing innovation that results in greater health equity. To donate, visit our Contribute page.

We thank you for your interest and support for Global Health Equity Foundation’s initiatives.


Dr. Tayeb Al-Hafez, MD, FACP
Founder and President
Global Health Equity Foundation