Arabic-Speaking refugees who have escaped the horrors of conflict zones in Syria and Iraq represent a particularly vulnerable populations that has unique healthcare needs including trauma-related disorders and conditions.

The multi-strategy project, Health Diplomacy for Arabic Speaking Refugees and migrants in Germany, is designed to bridge the gap in health literacy, as well as gaps in assessing and treating trauma related to war. The project is designed to produce innovative solutions for dealing with post-trauma conditions utilizing existing resources.

Two solutions that GHEF has innovated during the year 2020:

– Ghosts is a short, silent play about trauma suffered by refugees who have been displaced as a result of war or other calamities. GHEF is testing the efficacy of a workshop centered around the filmic play.


– Drei Zusammen (DZ) is a multimedia qualitative research program that exchanges views about everyday’s Psycho-Social topics between native Germans and new residents of Germany. DZ facilitate multilateral cultural interaction and understanding through grassroots capacity building, multimedia advocacy and scientific research.

DZ 1 (LONELINESS): DZ Lonliness

DZ 2 (INTIMACY): DZ Intimacy 

For more information about the project, please review the link below.

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