The 2015 issue of Annals of Global Health Equity Foundation has been released and is available online at this site. In keeping with our mission to advocate on behalf of all people who lack access to health education, preventive services and health care, Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF) is proud to present this second issue in a series of compilations from our annual symposia.

GHEF’s goal is to become a principal source for knowledge on health equity. Our organization works to integrate research into advocacy and capacity-building projects for improving health equity. Toward these aims, we present our symposia papers and the insights of panels of experts. We do this gratis, for the benefit of any organization or individual who would like to take a proactive stance in improving health equity worldwide.

GHEF adopts a multi-disciplinary and a multi-level approach to problem solving. Specialists in a wide range of health-related fields work with everyone from the general public to health care professionals.

In Geneva in 2014, we addressed a pressing global crisis in health equity with our third international symposium titled, “Gender Discrimination and its Impact on Health Equity.” This symposium featured our expert faculty presenting problems, research and solutions in gender inequality and violence against women.

The topics presented in 2014 explored a wide range of issues, including:

  • effects of gender inequality on health
  • economic costs of violence against women and girls
  • commodification of health and how it affects women’s health rights
  • gender equity and the HIV pandemic
  • how cultural and religious practices aimed at ensuring a woman’s virginity affect gender inequality
  • lessons learned from mental health programs in England on gender mainstreaming

In this issue, we will also include an article from One Heart Worldwide that highlights examples of how men have been motivated to ensure health equity for women in childbirth in Nepal. To download this year’s issue, click here.

GHEF is a non-profit organization that initially has been hosting and co-sponsoring projects in the United States since 2007, and in October 2012—expanding its international reach—has established and registered its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. GHEF launched its first international symposium that year, titled, “Global Health Equity in Times of Crisis.” The organization built on that success in 2013 with the second symposium, titled, “Chronic Diseases and the Equity Challenge.” In 2014, GHEF published its first issue of Annals of Global Health Equity Foundation, which was a compilation of papers from the first two groundbreaking events. You may download the first issue of Annals by clicking here.

Our 2015 Annals of Global Health Equity Foundation continues our commitment to release a publication after each symposium. We document the integrative thinking and knowledge of participants, and further GHEF’s international role as a primary source of knowledge on global health equity.

The next step is action. We are working to put the knowledge gained from this third symposium into grassroots, community-oriented action toward achieving health equity for women and girls in a wide variety of environments. We invite you to enjoy this publication, and also to contact us with your insights into this global crisis, along with your suggestions for moving tangible solutions forward. Working together, we can build support for our efforts.

We thank you for your interest and support for Global Health Equity Foundation’s initiatives.


Dr. Tayeb Al-Hafez, MD, FACP
Founder and President
Global Health Equity Foundation