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GHEF Releases Annual Report 2022, Highlighting Recent Projects and Collaborative Efforts

GHEF is excited to unveil its Annual Report for 2022, providing a comprehensive overview of recent projects and impactful initiatives. This report features updates on the pilot phases of Shadows, an innovative filmic educational platform, and Connecting Cultures, a dynamic debate platform that fosters dialogue and understanding. Additionally, the Annual Report highlights the significant progress of Let’s Talk, GHEF’s flagship project focused on suicide prevention among adolescents in Montana, USA, through collaboration with key academics from various universities.

The Annual Report also celebrates GHEF’s collaborations with talented artists, such as the captivating exhibition titled “Self Interpretation” by Palestinian artist Fawzy Elemrany in Zurich, Switzerland. Through this collaboration, Elemrany generously donated 50% of the exhibition proceeds to GHEF, benefitting victims of trauma in Gaza through the Shadows trauma literacy workshop. Such collaborations exemplify the power of art to inspire empathy, raise awareness, and support important causes.


GHEF is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization in the USA, and a foundationaccording to Swiss law. GHEF is dedicated to research, advocacy, and capacity building. GHEF believes equity in health is a core principle for the advancement of human society.

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